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How many times have you promised yourself that you would start the diet again on Monday or lost weight only to put it back on? When this happens we often blame our lack of will power and console ourselves by eating more.

Weight management can be an issue for many reasons; a stressful day at work, boredom, feeling unhappy with food often being something that we turn to for comfort. Food is frequently used as a reward and forms the centre of many of life’s celebrations. It is no wonder it can be difficult to stick to our good intentions when ‘life’ gets in the way. Moreover, when we are on a ‘diet’ we often obsess about food making us want to eat even more.

Using hypnotherapy as a foundation, I work clients change their mind-set around food.  I help them take away the focus from what they eat, to why they are eating it. I start by examining a client’s reasons for over-eating and what food means to them.

For example, they may have been rewarded with food as a child when they were upset and now turn to food when life gets difficult. Based on what I learn during the first session, I then create a bespoke download that helps clients to develop a ‘mindful’ relationship with food. People often eat in a trance like state and don’t register what they have consumed. During the following sessions I teach clients techniques that will help them deal with cravings as well as putting them in a positive state of mind to help them break free from the cycle of emotional eating.

If weight management issues are impacting your life and you would like to feel differently about yourself, then contact me today on 07751 760222 or e-mail me at info@lisacarroll.co.uk