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Are you looking for a Havening Practitioner in London? The Havening Technique® is the new kid on the block in psychosensory therapies. Havening was developed by Ron Ruden, MD, PhD and his brother Steve Ruden, DDS. Havening, as it is more commonly known is designed to change the brain.  To discharge the emotion from traumatic memories and remove the negative effects from both our psyche and body.

During Havening, the brain produces delta waves, which leave you feeling calm and relaxed.  I teach clients self-havening, so that they can use the technique on themselves when feeling stressed or anxious.  In fact, you can use Havening on a number of issues ranging from weight management, PTSD, phobias through to performance anxiety.  This is a technique that my clients love as they feel so good after a session.


So what can you expect from a session with a Havening Practitioner? Havening involves touch, which can either be administered by the practitioner or by the client, if preferred. The practitioner will ask you to either recall a traumatic event or get in touch with an emotion that is at the root of your problem. You will then be guided to clear your mind and focus on something positive. The practitioner will then ask a series of questions, while they stroke your face, arms and hands, if you feel comfortable with them doing so.

I offer Havening as part of a bespoke service that uses different techniques combined with hypnotherapy so that clients can experience rapid change.

If you are looking for a Havening Practitioner in London then please contact me 07751 760222 or info@lisacarroll.co.uk